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trekking umbrellas golf umbrellas

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Flyer: Inverted open and close function – a real improvement for everyday life (pdf., approx. 380 KB)

Flyer: Compact and comfortable – with exceptionally smooth sliding technique (pdf., approx.. 350 KB)

Flyer: High-end pocket umbrella with designer handle made from real carbon (pdf., approx. 1MB)

Flyer: High-end pocket umbrella with designer handle made from real leather (pdf., approx.1MB)

Flyer: birdiepal seasons® - Pure color contrast – Wear brightness on dark and rainy days! (1MB)

Flyer: Metropolitan® - the classic designer umbrella with the unique canopy shape (pdf. 350KB)

Flyer: Birdiepal select - The modern business pocket umbrella with real carbon ribs (pdf. 385KB)

Flyer: The super flat leather pocket umbrella (pdf, 2.700KB)

Flyer: The super flat mini umbrella (pdf, 2.039KB)

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