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Swing backpack handsfree – The handsfree backpack umbrella with extra extended canopy

The Swing backpack handsfree is the ultimate umbrella for all outdoor enthusiasts who travel with a larger backpack and want to have both hands free when touring. When the special umbrella is opened, the canopy is automatically extended at the three rear segments, so that both the hiker and the backpack are perfectly protected from the rain. In addition, the shaft of the trekking umbrella can be extended steplessly and easily attached to any standard rucksack with a hip belt - or alternatively to our carrier strap system. This leaves both hands completely free, free to hold trekking poles, free to operate the GPS, or even to use the camera.
  • Very robust shaft of glass fibres; highly elastic and windproof frame of glass fibres; all frame parts are corrosion-proof and durable

  • When opened, the three rear segments extend automatically. When the umbrella is closed, the canopy extension automatically folds back inwards.

  • The shaft can be extended up to a length of max. 113 cm. By means of a small twisting movement it is adjustable in any desired position to the own body size.

  • With the included retaining clips, the shaft is simply attached to the left, right or diagonally to the shoulder straps of the backpack and aligned according to the direction from which the rain or sun comes.

  • The two small pouches included in the scope of delivery are attached to the hip belt with hook and loop fastener. The umbrella handle is conveniently anchored in these small bags

  • Fast drying canopy of extra lightweight polyester fabric

  • Grip friendly hard foam handle with adjustable carrying strap.

  • The Swing backpack handsfree can also be used as an ordinary umbrella.

  • The convenient protection case with net insertion provides optimal airing. The closed umbrella can be back carried comfortably thanks to the slip-free, adjustable and removable shoulder strap

  • Two turnable fastening clips to attach the opened umbrella to the shoulder straps of the backpack

  • Two pouches with hook and loop fastener for attaching the umbrella handle to the hip belt

  • Protection case with net insertion as well as adjustable and removable shoulder strap

  • Two elastic loops for attaching the closed umbrella to the outside of the backpack

Technical Data:
Length:approx. 113 cm opened, approx. 77 cm closed
Diameter:cross: approx. 109 cm, lengthwise: approx. 120 cm
Weight:approx. 440 g

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